17th April 2020

The unprecedented times we have faced over the past few weeks continue, and as we come to the end of our third week in ‘lockdown’, we are reflecting on how we have adjusted to our new ways of life, from a personal and a business perspective.

Following the latest Government update, we’re prepared for at least another three weeks of ‘lockdown’ and await developments on a potential exit strategy – and what that means for our sector – with real interest.

Whilst we wait, we continue to prepare as much as we possibly can for a range of eventualities as we look to our friends and peers in other European countries who are slightly ahead of us in terms of slowing the spread of the pandemic.

As we continue with plans that we can put into action when the time comes to throw open our doors once again, we are still working with the NHS and local authorities to support NHS staff, other key workers and the homeless where we possibly can.

We are eager to welcome back our staff and guests, and whilst we plan to do so, we hope you all stay home, stay safe and join us in continuing to support the wonderful work of our NHS and other frontline workers who are keeping us going during these difficult times.”