The UK's leading independent hotel management company is launching a new fitness challenge in a bid to promote employee health and wellbeing.

RBH is offering each member of its 119-strong management team an activity tracker free of charge to count their steps this spring.

Each participating team member - located across the UK - will compete against a group of colleagues in achieving the most steps each week over the course of three months, charting their paths to success. Each group will then compete against the other groups, with a final part of the challenge assessing who has done the highest total steps in each of the months.

Susan Bland, Chief Human Resources Officer at RBH, said: "Health and wellbeing is a key commitment for us as a business and we're excited to be piloting this new scheme with our management team."

"It is creating a huge amount of interest and competition, the team is absolutely buzzing and have been desperate to get started! The rate of uptake is around 64 per cent, which shows the appetite for a scheme like this among our team."

"The aim is to help all of our employees champion health and wellbeing within the workplace and that process starts with making a difference in their own lives."

RBH is committed to investing efforts in five core areas for its team of 3000 including: health and wellbeing and giving something back; employee engagement; open communication, career development opportunities and a transformational and innovative culture.

The new scheme is part of the firm's commitment to health and wellbeing, with the average UK desk-worker walking just 3000 steps a day on average (NHS Choices.) Key benefits of physical activity such as walking include burning calories, lowering blood pressure, cutting cholesterol, reducing stress and sleeping better.