10th July 2014

Caterer and Hotelkeeper recently gave recognition to the top organisations in the industry, with RBH proudly positioned at number 6 in the 30 Best Places to Work in Hospitality.

The Best Places Survey received an impressive 900 responses, which identified the most important factors for employees working with RBH:

  • Being part of a team
  • Working well with a team to produce results
  • Good communication with my manager
  • Respect for work/life balance
  • Access to personal development
  • Good environment to be in

The results are also supported by a recent internal survey which revealed an average positive rating of 86% based on engagement, management and behaviour.

The hotel management group's credentials are supported further by the recent introduction of a new employee welfare policy called HOME. The policy is aimed at transforming the back of house areas in hotels into a place that creates inspiration, involvement, engagement, energy and passion around the business for employee satisfaction.

RBH has also this year launched a UK wide health and wellbeing initiative which is set to revitalise the welfare of the 3,000 employees. Tackling a range of mind and body challenges, the scheme will allow each of the firm's hotels, offices and departments to pinpoint areas of their lives which can be enhanced; including diet, smoking, alcohol, stress, mental attitude and a whole host of other areas. The initiative will see thousands of employees get involved in a variety of sports and exercise regimes and become familiar with the facts surrounding prominent health issues.