23rd February 2016

A revolutionary new development programme aimed at fast-tracking talented employees into senior management positions has been launched by RBH.


The Pyramid Programme is aimed at helping promising heads of department across RBH' 63-strong portfolio to reach deputy general manager level within as little time as 12 to 18 months.

The first 18 'Pyramiders' were chosen from hotels across the UK after an initial assessment was carried out in January.

As part of the programme, they will be given objectives to work towards during their day-to-day roles and will be personally mentored by a general manager as they progress.

The scheme will also see regular masterclasses, all linked to the company's core business objectives, take place throughout the year, meaning candidates will face continuous assessment.
Only the best will remain for the duration of the programme, with exceptional performance a key requirement throughout.

Masterclasses will cover subjects linked to the commercial side of the industry, such as people, quality and profit, and sees the UK's leading independent hotel management company implement a key part of its strategy to become an employer of choice.

The scheme was launched at Crowne Plaza - London Heathrow Airport, on 18 and 19 February with the Pyramiders receiving their first masterclass on the subject of leadership, led by divisional director Joanne Taylor-Stagg, supported by experienced general managers Martin Vann, of Crowne Plaza Heathrow Airport, and Louise Thrussell, of Ramada Encore Milton Keynes.

The programme was devised by Niki Fincham, RBH' group learning and development manager.

Niki said: "This programme will help the most talented heads of department across all of our hotels develop strong foundations to enable them to reach their career goal of stepping into the role of deputy general manager within as little time as a year.

"Our talented and experienced divisional directors will pass on invaluable knowledge about issues including leadership, the law, generating profit and managing people.

"This is no small undertaking for the candidates selected. They will be seen as role models by their peers and be expected to live up to that.

"However, we believe the 18 individuals we have selected are more than equal to this challenge and look forward to seeing them rise rapidly through the ranks."

Helder Pereira, RBH' chief executive officer, added: "We are all very excited about the launch of the Pyramid Programme. There are some exceptionally talented employees working across our portfolio of hotels who bring hard work and dedication to their roles every day.

"We feel it is our duty to nurture their talent and offer them the best possible opportunity to develop their skills and move into more senior positions that make best use of their abilities and challenge them on a daily basis.

"Niki has done a wonderful job in developing this programme and I am sure that the first 18 Pyramiders will go on to achieve great things for RBH."