Neetu Ganesh

16th March 2018

The annual performance review of our hotels under management has shown an extremely positive end to 2017.

Q4 has delivered positive results as have the previous quarters in the year. RBH hotels have delivered a strong RevPAR growth of 3.3% across the portfolio in this period. Our London hotels experienced the smallest growth in RevPAR of 0.8%, however, this was extremely encouraging as the London market in Q4 2017 went back in RevPAR by -1% Year on Year (YOY.) Our provincial hotels in Q4 also performed extremely well with a 4.5% RevPAR uplift, driven through both an occupancy and ADR strategy.

Find out more from Neetu Ganesh, Director of Revenue, on the RBH hotel performance in Q4,  throughout 2017 and the RBH outlook for 2018.

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