8th September 2021

This year’s International Day of Charity fell on Sunday 5 September and serves as the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the phenomenal work undertaken by our charity partner, 4Louis.


The charity, launched in 2009 specialises in supporting families suffering from the devastation of miscarriage, still birth and child loss, following the personal loss of the founding family’s baby son, Louis, who was stillborn at 38 weeks. RBH continues to proudly support their work and to date has raised £59,880 through a stream of ongoing fundraising initiatives thanks to the efforts of all of our hotels and staff.


For every £30 that has been and continues to be raised, 4Louis can make a memory box that is gifted to bereaved families to provide some level of comfort and support. Every £250 raised can buy a photography package so that parents can have precious photos of their children as a lasting memory. At RBH, we’re passionate about aiding the hard work that goes into educating relevant parties on such a sensitive topic, and for every £1,000 that has been raised, 4Louis has been able to fund a study day for 20 health professionals to help improve care given to families in need.

RBH began its partnership with 4Louis back in March 2019 and has pledged support into 2022, continuing efforts not only to raise funds, but also to continue to offer our hotels as venues to 4Louis in support of its cause. As a result, 4Louis has been able to host a number of events and gifting services for their Midwifery Forum. Contributions such as burger pop up stands, bake sales and physical challenges for sponsorship have so far had a huge impact and, over the coming months, RBH continues to encourage every team to get involved with their own ideas and innovative suggestions.


International Day of Charity was originally created in Hungary as a way for the Hungarian Civil Society to raise public support and enhance visibility for charities. The September date was chosen specifically to commemorate Mother Teresa who passed away on this day and was known for her exceptional and dedicated contribution to charitable efforts. The day was officially declared by the United Nations in 2012 as part of its agenda on Sustainable Development. This initiative was aimed to help the international community better understand the needs of the vulnerable whilst also spreading awareness of charitable giving and encouraging people to find a cause that they are passionate about.


For more information on RBH’s charitable giving please visit:  https://www.rbhmanagement.com/giving-back/


Find out how to can donate to 4Louis here, or if you would like to learn more about this year’s International Day of Charity click here.